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Of War Series

The Heart of War
Child of War-A God is Born
Christmas Eve on Olympus
Child of War-Rising Son
Women of War
Kingdoms of War
Of War Complete Series


Sister Christian Series

Sins of the Father
Mysterious Ways
Prodigal Son


The Doc Series

On a Hot Summer Night
Cold November Rain
Regret Me Not






The Shame of
Eminent Domain

A Window to
Magickal Herbalism


Free Stories

Sex, Love, Magick
50 Shades of War
Daughter of the Gods
A Night at the Office



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Welcome Traveler!

I'm glad you came to visit with me and hear about my stories. Come on in and sit a spell while I take you tales set in worlds full of seduction, love, lust, betrayal, secrets, madness, and--with a smattering of luck-- redemption.

My OF WAR Series will immerse you in the explosive love story of Ares God of War and Alena MacLeod. Their love rocks the world from the heights of Olympus to the Celtic Moors. Come and find out why BTS Emag called Ares "a hero to die for" with The Heart of War, book one in this dark adult series of romance, intrigue, betrayal,and suspense. Adults Only.

If dark, adult, and erotic stories aren't your thing you can dive into the Sister Christian Series where you'll meet Hannah Rice a woman who's been battling the demons of her past even as she's been trapped inside her own mind for thirty years. Find out if her brilliant but jaded brother, Doctor Richard Mason, can unlock the chains that keep her prisoner. Begin your journey through their heartwarming and, at times, heart wrenching, story with Genesis. This series has dark overtones but is suited to a mainstream adult audience.

The Doc Series brings you the highly erotic and often dangerous tale of a lonely vixen who spends her nights picking up men in bars until she comes across The Doc and falls in love. Love does not run smooth in this short erotic series of mystery and suspense. It begins with the $0.99 short story On a Hot Summer Night. Adults Only.

The standalone novel Obsession will rocket you deep into the diseased mind of a serial killer when Eddie stalks a small New England town waiting for the exact moment to strike his ultimate victim, his obsession, Helen Makris. This horror romance is not for the faint of heart. Adults Only.

I also have several non-fiction titles and even a few free e-books to share. Please use the links to your left to explore this site and discover new characters.

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