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Lisa Beth Darling writes novels and stories that immerse the reader in rich worlds full of seduction, love, lust, betrayal, secrets, madness, and--with a smattering of luck-- redemption. Always willing to go where others may fear to tread, Lisa's stories will have you turning pages late into the night and talking about them long after the last page is read. Her OF WAR Series brings the reader the explosive love story of Ares God of War whom BTS eMag called "a hero to die for" and Alena MacLeod their love rocks the world from the heights of Olympus to the Celtic Moors. In the Sister Christian Series you'll meet Hannah Rice a woman who's been battling the demons of her past even as she's been trapped inside her own mind for thirty years. The Doc Series brings you the highly erotic and often dangerous tale of a lonely vixen who spends her nights picking up men in bars until she comes across The Doc and falls in love. The standalone novel Obsession brings you deep inside the mind diseased of a serial killer. To introduce you to these novels and stories there many FREE EBOOKS ranging from full length novels to short story collections, non-fiction works, and Works In Progress (WIPs).

Please use the book cover links below to discover more about each book including reviews, excerpts (general and adult), trailers, and more.

The OF WAR Series
Mature Audiences Only

the heart of war lisa beth darling
The Heart of War
child of war lisa beth darling
Child of War
A God is Born
christmas eve on olympus lisa beth darling
Christmas Eve
On Olympus

rising son lisa beth darling
Child of War
Rising Son
women of war lisa beth darling
Women of War
kingdoms of war lisa beth darling
Kingdoms of War
Fall in love with Ares God of War and Alena MacLeod in this uniquely dark and suspenseful series which is not for the faint of heart.
This series is complete.
All novels are available in a variety of e-book formats as well as in signed & unsigned paperback editions.

The Sister Christian Series
General to Mature Audiences

genesis lisa beth darling
sins of the father lisa beth darling
Sins of the Father
mysterious ways lisa beth darling
Mysterious Ways
prodigal son lisa beth darling
Prodigal Son

Hannah Rice is emerging back into the world after being shut away for 30 years. With the help of her brother, Rick, a brilliant doctor but woefully detached human being, her journey is one of gut wrenching drama and heartwarming affection as secrets too long hidden come into the light. With strength, faith, and the power of love, Hannah proves anything is possible.

This series is complete.
All novels are available in a variety of e-book formats as well as in signed & unsigned paperback editions.

The Doc Series
Mature Audiences Only

on a hot summer night lisa beth darling
On a Hot Summer Night
sins of the father lisa beth darling
Cold November Rain
regret me not lisa beth darling
Regret Me Not
crazy love lisa beth darling
Crazy Love
The Doc Series Complete

One hot summer night, Doctor Richard Mason walks into a bar and succumbs to the charms of a beautiful mystery woman. Waking alone the next morning, little does he know the steamy anonymous sex he's still glowing from is just the start of the ride.
This series is complete.
All stories in this series are available in a variety of e-book formats.Cold November Rain is available in signed & unsigned paperback

Mature Audiences Only

obsession lisa beth darling


window on herbs lisa beth darling
A Window To
Magickal Herbalism

sex love magick lisa beth darling
Sex, Love, Magick

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