Cold November Rain

Death Lies in the Lies

Doc is unexpectedly reunited with his Mystery Lady from Tony’s Bar. The offering of wild nights is not the only thing the fair “Rose” brings with her. There’s another suitor waiting in the dark, one Doc knows all too well.

His lustful intentions lead to the desire to murder our crazy but fragile widow.


Then he followed her to Tony’s Bar one night where he watched her pick up a total stranger and take him to the El Royale Hotel. Three or four times a month she went to the bar, picked up a guy—any guy—and took him to the hotel. Telling himself it was part of the job, he had tried several times to pick her up. A few times she sat with him, bought him a drink, passed fifteen, or twenty minutes with him and a bit of chit-chat but that was as far as he got.  She wouldn’t tell him her name, what she did, where she lived, or even where she grew up. Julie never bought him a second drink or offered to sit with him through a second round, not even when he offered to buy. She was always polite and sweet even when she was telling him to bugger off.  He would go back to the far corner with his tail between his legs and his cock tingling from the lustful thoughts coloring his mind.  She was always off to the next prospect for the night.  Most nights, even if she had to stay until midnight, she left with someone but other nights she left alone and that was by choice because any guy in there would have ecstatically escorted her to her door.   Whether alone or with company, Julie always went to room 404 of the El Royale Hotel at the end of the night.  Once he discovered that, he realized Julie was running away, problem was, she didn’t have anywhere to go so she settled for a little escape and then returned to her prison come morning.

Ritter found that very interesting, so much so that, on his fourth stakeout, he went so far as to rent the room next door to hers and charge the ex-Mrs. Miller for the expense. PIs have such wonderful toys that they don’t need warrants to use. Camera and microphones were his favorites and it didn’t take much to drill a hole no bigger than a pencil through the crumbling plaster of the hotel.  He drilled near the baseboard of the wall that a adjoined their rooms and had a perfect view of her bedroom.  A few yards down he drilled another hole and had a lovely view of her sitting room. Ritter watched her with every single man she brought back to the hotel. He watched, he listened, and he taped the events.

Then, as Fate would have it, Richard Mason made his appearance on the scene last August.  It was clear that Doctor Mason was smitten with the current Mrs. Miller.  Ritter watched the tape of their first night together often it was definitely one hot summer night. Mason was priceless, at first he seemed so lost, like a fish out of water, but then he got the hang of it only to be let down spending the next three months in and out of the bar obviously hoping to run in to Julie.  Last weekend, he finally got his wish. Mason put on one hell of a show, yes, the old dog did. Ritter never would have guessed that an old guy with a bum leg could still be so nimble.

How many tapes did he have of her fucking this guy or that guy?   Including, of course, Doctor Richard Mason and himself. Ritter wasn’t sure but he thought he could start a small Internet Porn Site with his collection and make a good bit of money, after all, Julie was exceptionally gifted at what she did.  Men would pay a small fortune just to watch and a large one just to touch her.

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