Cold November Rain

Death Lies In The Lies

Mason and his mystery lover meet up again when she unexpectedly shows up at the Mountainside Clinic in need of medical attention.

Although he knows he should stay far away from her Mason just can’t help himself as he gets sucked into her world of sex and secrets.

Mason is not alone in his lust for the fair “Rose”.

In the shadows someone from Mason and “Rose’s” pasts seethes as he watches the relationship blossom. Someone who will stop at nothing to get even with Mason for taking her away. Even murder.

The secrets behind her frequent one night stands are revealed as she falls deathly ill time grows short to save her and catch a killer.


“You’re afraid of doctors?!”  Yes, she was, of course she was. Right now, standing here in his living room, she was terrified of him and all over a stupid thermometer.  That explained her behavior in the Clinic the other day, how she ran hot—way hot—one moment and then colder than ice the next.  Explained why Rose Montague’s chart said all those nasty things about her. “This an actual diagnosis or something you got off the Internet?” He asked skeptically.

“Like Coke, it’s the real thing.”

“How long have you had it?”

“Since I was very small.” Julie admitted but refrained from telling him colorful stories of early childhood doctor visits.

He had read articles about Iatrophobics but he’d never met one in the flesh let alone been on such an intimate basis with them. “Why in the world did you pick me?” It didn’t make any sense. If she hated doctors, why would she go out of her way to meet him? Bed him?

“I have no idea.” She whispered but that wasn’t exactly true, she did have an idea or two, but the one that came to her head was just silly it was just….

“I don’t wear a white coat, is that it?” He asked in a sly voice and knew he was right, probably only partially so, but right was right and he was it. “Steward, Goodspeed and even Spaulding with the brown eyes you like, they all wear white coats but I don’t.”

Yes, as stupid and irrational as it was, Julie thought his lack of a white lab coat had quite a bit to do with it all. “Are you a mind reader, Do-c?”

“Close.” He agreed.

 “Look, if you just stop being Doctor Mason we’ll be fine.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, I AM Doctor Mason.  There’s only one of me and that’s good because the world can’t handle two. I didn’t ask you to stop being who you are, did I?”

“No?” Julie looked down at the ring around her neck. “Then what’s this?”  She looked up at him with sad eyes and he didn’t answer her.  She looked toward the door. “I don’t know what to tell you.”

Ok, he asked her to stop sleeping around, but he intended to do the same—not that it was any big sacrifice on his part—he didn’t ask her to give up her livelihood for him.  Maybe she wasn’t asking him to do that now. “How about if I stop trying to doctor you?”  He wasn’t sure he could do that but he knew he could sneak around it if he had to like last night in the car when he examined her neck without her knowing it.  A lover’s touch. A doctor’s touch.  In the end, there wasn’t that much difference.

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