Dream Weaver

15th Anniversary Edition!!
Lizzie Love wrote a novel and her whole life changed.

An avid reader and popular writer of “Through the Mirror” series of fanfiction, Lizzie’s favorite TV show. “Galaxy-1”, is going off the air. She seizes the opportunity to write an original novel, “The Shaw Street Strangler”. Unable to leave all of her beloved “Galaxy-1” characters behind as forges through her first novel, she takes the character of ‘Dennis Johnson’ with her into the depths of the mind of a serial killer.

Breaking out of the fanfiction mold that both brought her online accolades, fan-addicts, and a few creep trolls while it held her back, her novel is a smash hit. When her new publishing contract forces her to stop writing her “Through the Mirror”, not everyone is happy. Soon the threats pour in to the offices of Lizzie’s literary agent, Pauline Depoix.

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