Regret Me Not

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

The scandal of the Video Vixen is rocking the entire state of Vermont but no one more so than Mason and Julie.

As they continue stumbling along together Julie discovers she’s pregnant. Knowing she’s fallen in love with him and is ready to build a new life, Julie is uncertain that Mason feels the same. She fears he’s actually in love with his long time co-worker and old flame, Evelyn Sinclair.

Putting all of her considerable sexual talents to the test Julie gives Mason a night he never dreamed possible and one he’ll never forget. Will it cement their relationship or end it forever when Evelyn Sinclair joins them in bed for a long hot steamy night of erotic fantasy come to life?

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Familiar voice full of urgency but she can’t truly hear it between her gasps for breath.  In her bed, her hands rapidly run over her face and neck to clear it of the seawater.


It takes another few moments before she realizes she is bone dry and there is no water in her lungs. Never had been.  Unafraid of the salt stinging her eyes she opens them and sees his worried face staring at her. “Doc?”

“What the hell were you dreaming?”

With her heart and mind wandering back from faraway places, Julie willed herself to stay in the bed, her bed, and not to scream.  It was just a dream. A dream in which he’d thrown her overboard, tied an anchor to her feet, and tossed her over the side.  “You don’t own a boat; do you, Do-c?”

“A boat?” Mason mumbled and then the kick in the ‘c’ settled into his head. “Are you awake? Or are you still dreaming?”  She looked awake and coming around to him.

“Quite awake,” Julie muttered as her breathing finally began to slow down from those harsh shallow rasps to long drawn in gulps. “The boat?”

“No,” Mason shook his head. “No boat. Why? What the hell would I do with a boat up in the mountains? What were you dreaming about?” A few moments before he turned on the light she’d started kicking him and thrashing about on the bed.  Her arms reached up and her hands turned into claws as she started to dig for something, at least that’s what he thought at the time and in the moonlight coming in through the open window.  Maybe she wasn’t digging; maybe she’d been trying to swim to the surface.

“I was drowning.”   I was drowning because you tried to kill me!  It was just a dream and why should she tell him that? He wasn’t going to try to kill her here in the waking world; it was just a stupid dream.

That wasn’t all, he was sure of it. “And it was my boat?” Mason asked. “Is that it?” Why else would she want to know if he owned a boat?

“Yes.” She agreed. “Silly, huh?” Julie laid her head on his shoulder and felt a pang of dread in her heart.

In his opinion, sure, it was stupid but she was under a lot of stress with the trial starting next week and the press plastering every last up-to-the-minute detail all across the state news. She’d even made FOX News—Bill O’Reilly actually called her ‘The Video Vixen’ even though it was Tritter who stood accused of murdering Craig Miller and not Julie. O’Reilly asked the world what else Julie Miller expected when she taunted and teased men, brought them up to her rented hotel and engaged in acts of ‘unspeakable indiscriminate sex’ with them and then turned them out like yesterday’s garbage.

“I’m not going to drown you if that’s what you’re asking.” He held her a little closer and turned out the light. Whatever the outcome, Mason would be exceedingly pleased when they could get on with their lives.  It hadn’t even started and there were reporters infiltrating the hospital trying to get interviews with him, a few of them even posed as potential patients—one as a clinic patient—and attempted to get him to talk under those guises.  They all wanted to know the same thing; just how fucked up is Julie Miller? How twisted? What did she do in bed? Was there anything she wouldn’t do? Yesterday, he decked one of them before security could show up and throw him out. Mason just couldn’t put up with it anymore and then Sinclair suggested he might want to consider taking some time off. He had plenty of vacation time coming to him and the other doctors would cover, if they needed him, they knew where to find him.  Sinclair wanted to get rid of the press too, it wasn’t a completely selfless act on her part, and the hospital was gaining a bit of vicarious notoriety that she’d like to avoid. Mason agreed that he’d take a few weeks off once the trial began but not before.

Mason drifted off to sleep while Julie laid there, her head on his chest, her eyes open waiting for dawn.

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