Regret Me Not


“What the hell were you dreaming?”

With her heart and mind wandering back from faraway places, Julie willed herself to stay in the bed, her bed, and not to scream.  It was just a dream. A dream in which he’d thrown her overboard, tied an anchor to her feet, and tossed her over the side.  “You don’t own a boat; do you, Do-c?”

“A boat?” Mason mumbled and then the kick in the ‘c’ settled into his head. “Are you awake? Or are you still dreaming?”  She looked awake and coming around to him.

“Quite awake,” Julie muttered as her breathing finally began to slow down from those harsh shallow rasps to long drawn in gulps. “The boat?”

“No,” Mason shook his head. “No boat. Why? What the hell would I do with a boat up in the mountains? What were you dreaming about?” A few moments before he turned on the light she’d started kicking him and thrashing about on the bed.  Her arms reached up and her hands turned into claws as she started to dig for something, at least that’s what he thought at the time and in the moonlight coming in through the open window.  Maybe she wasn’t digging; maybe she’d been trying to swim to the surface.

“I was drowning.”   I was drowning because you tried to kill me!  It was just a dream and why should she tell him that? He wasn’t going to try to kill her here in the waking world; it was just a stupid dream.

That wasn’t all, he was sure of it. “And it was my boat?” Mason asked. “Is that it?” Why else would she want to know if he owned a boat?

“Yes.” She agreed. “Silly, huh?” Julie laid her head on his shoulder and felt a pang of dread in her heart.

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