I know, it’s been quite a while since I posted anything new. I have been blessed to be (finally) working on my little Lucifer and Eve story which I started about two years ago and was originally entitled “The First Sin”. The story has evolved to the point where I’m finally certain that we’re on the right track so I’d like to share a little bit with you. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think when you’re done reading.

Without further adieu here’s a bit ‘hot off the presses’ so forgive any spelling/grammatical errors. Please.

South of Eden
by Lisa Beth Darling
WIP ALL Rights Reserved 2020

From Chapter Ten:

The storm around Lucifer grew in intensity as the lightning bolts blew apart the ground at his bare feet. He had no choice to but take flight and so he did. He raced through the storm his Father created intending to make his way back the others in the little village but every time he tried to fly in that direction a sharp tendril of lightning blocked his path until he turned around. “I see your aim has improved!” He shouted as a bolt so brightly and so near it singed his wing. The rain poured down not in droplet but in sheets he couldn’t see where he was going. The winds whipped up so harshly they rolled him over and forced him to a nose dive causing him to nearly crash into a large tree before he was able to correct course.  It wasn’t long before Lucifer realized that he wasn’t flying in any direction he wanted to go in but, rather, God was herding him towards something.

Through the raging storm Lucifer flew until the sky began to clear and the rain ceased its pounding.

He found himself flying over the field where he’d built his little cabin. The field that was home to the Trees of Knowledge and Life. 

In a sudden movement he flapped his wings forward to stop himself from getting any closer and so that he could hover in place as he looked down. Before he realized it and certainly before he could even think of stopping it, his mouth opened and from the very depths of his being he screamed out one word; “NO!”

Below him the lush field once littered with colorful wildflowers and overrun with rabbits was now barren. It was devoid of any life at all. Even the carpet of grass withered and died. But it was beyond that pitiful sight that the worst of it lie. Up in the sky his bellow began a whispered gasp; “No.”

The Trees of Knowledge and Life were dying. When he left each of them stood nearly two hundred feet tall and fifty around. Their branches were strong and their fruits plentiful. Now those branches were relieved of most of their green leaves, the fruit that once hung so heavily on every branch and twig dwindled to a mere handful. The wood, oh the wood, it was rotting away the bark was falling off in chunks.  Branches large and small had already fallen from them and landed on the ground where they’d dried to kindling.

Flying slowly over the field with his eyes fixed on the trees, in horror Lucifer landed at the base of the Tree of Knowledge. He put his hand on the trunk, closed his eyes, and summoned up a power that he thought was long dead within him. It was alive, buried was down there, it still lived and it reached out for the living force within the Tree until he felt what the tree did; pain, loneliness, and fright as it died from the inside out being eaten away by a dreadful fungus. “Heart rot,” he whispered, “how did this happen?”  Lucifer, in disgust and dismay looked up toward the sky again, “How did you let this happen?” He asked of his Father whom he was quite certain was watching. The second thought that hit him was even more disconcerting, “How am I supposed to fix it?”

“I, ah, I don’t really know but I was hopin’ you’d give it a shot.”

At the sound of the familiar voice unheard by his ears in over ten thousand years, Lucifer’s angelic blood ran cold. Closing his eyes, taking a breath, and trying to keep some of that composure Gabriel spoke of, he slowly turned around to see his Father standing some two hundreds away. “Long time no see. You don’t call. You don’t write. For thousands of years. Then you just pluck me out of Hell and toss me naked into the desert. Well, hello to you too, Father.” He looked different these days. Like a middle aged man with no discerning features other than the graying beard on his chin.  He was just standing there, no more than 5’7 and 140lbs of him with his hands stuffed into the pocket of his jeans and a dopey look on his face. “Or should I say Chuck? Why don’t you come closer….Chuck….and have a look at your fine work?” Lucifer pointed to the dying trees.

“My work? No, not mine. Yours. This is your fault.”

Lucifer shook his head as if to clear it as his mouth dropped open and he took a few steps away from the tree, “And how, pray tell, could this possibly be my fault? When you threw me out these trees, this entire Garden, was thriving beyond your wildest dreams. I did that. I did not do this.”

“Yeah, ya kinda did,” Chuck mumbled as he shuffled his feet in their black and white sneakers. “Funny, thing, you’re gonna laugh, I’m sure, umm….”

“You’re nervous,” Lucifer interjected wide-eyed. “You. What’s wrong, Father? Afraid you’re too old to take me on? At least, you know, without Michael at your side.”

“Just hear me out,” Chuck said avoiding the subject. “See, like I said it’s kinda funny, when that little brouhaha happened and you, well, you ended up ruling Hell,” he stopped when he caught the look in Lucifer’s eyes and understood he was only aggravating the situation.  “Alright, look, you put up a barrier around the trees and, well, I sort of forgot about that when I got mad and tossed you out and…” “Ha!” Lucifer laughed once but then the genuine laughter just bubbled up within him over taking the anger and causing him to bellow with it until almost the whole Garden could hear. Wiping a tear of humor away from his cheek he tried again to compose himself as he uttered, “And you can’t take it down. None of them can get through it to take care of the Trees.” That was why Chuck was standing so far away. He just couldn’t get any closer.

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