The Doc Series

the doc series,lisa beth darling

Every man’s dream of meeting a beautiful mysterious woman in a bar except when it all turns dark and deadly. The Doc is about to be sucked into an out of control spiral of sex, insanity, lust, and killer with revenge in his black heart. This Adults Only Series is a site exclusive in The Emporium.

On a Hot Summer Night

One sultry night a lonely doctor walks into a bar and….

“You have very nice hands,” she said quietly as she stared at them openly wondering how they would feel on her bare skin. “Such long graceful fingers.”–Mystery Lady at the Bar

Cold November Rain

Not Everyone is happy as crazy love blooms between Doc and Julie.

Doc thought he’d lose it, “You let the son of a BITCH put his BELT around your NECK? What the hell is wrong with you?”–Doc

Regret Me Not

The Video Vixen is national news. Now is the time when Julie needs to know if Doc really loves her.

“Morals? They don’t become you, D-oc,” she warned coolly. “Once she says ‘yes’, everything is fair game.”–Julie

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