Get ready to indulge in stories rich with the darker side of life, that which makes the light so much sweeter. The worlds of Lisa Beth Darling are richly created on foundations of buried secrets, desire, betrayal, and the driving need for revenge. Lisa’s uniquely effervescent characters pull you into their lives–their stories– in brave detail as they lead you on soulful journeys to that special place where the dark meets the light. That fine line where rage can become redemption.

Enter her world here.

Halloween is Lisa’s favorite holiday! It’s time to start celebrating in high style. OBSESSION and Cold November Rain have returned to paperback & e-booook formats. Click the graphic to get these bone chilling stories for a limited time.

Harvest Combe

Our Halloween Celebration continues!!

The last functioning witches’ combe in the United States is in big trouble as the outside world crashes in and people flood in to buy their famous Honey and other goods. When Katie McCormick, the combe’s Acushla is brutally attacked in broad daylight the hunt is on for the person seeking to harm our peaceful little village.

This novel is going online, in rough draft format, in installments and is currently uploaded through Chapter Eleven. Read Free Now!! Once the novel is complete it will disappear in free format forever.

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Lisa’s List

Is a swiftly growing resource for those in New London County, CT who are in need of assistance. This resource is updated often and is available for viewing on the page or download the PDF, .ePub, or .mobi versions for easy access anytime FREE. If you have any organizations to add to this list please contact me . This booklet will be updated again in early 2023.

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