Christmas Eve on Olympus

In this e-book and audio only short story enhancement to the Of War series, Alena is still trying to make a home on Olympus. She has already brought Thanksgiving and Halloween to the Olympians but Zeus draws the line at celebrating Christmas on his mountain.

Ares, always willing to please his wife, decides his family will celebrate the holiday without his Father or any of his other backstabbing relatives. But that doesn’t mean they are not watching from a distance.

The Lusty Penquin-5 Stars
“Through Alena’s character, Lisa Beth Darling does a brilliant job of explaining and blending the traditions of Christmas and Yule. Alena’s nurturing and motherly nature shines in this story, as she teaches Raven patience while making decorations and describes the two holidays and their importance. Seeing Ares, Alena, and Raven as a happy family warms the heart since most of the time this family is anything but happy. After putting Raven to bed, Ares and Alena are able to celebrate in a more intimate way. The chemistry between Ares and Alena is always explosive. Their bedroom play is scorching hot, especially their use peppermint oil on each other.” Lori, Reviewer

The Vine Voice-4 Stars
“It was a delightful peek at family life for Aries and Maggie with their young son Raven. Olympians do not celebrate holidays, but Aries lets Maggie give Raven a Christmas and Yule celebration honoring many traditions. After Raven is sent off to sleep with Maggie reciting the touching ‘Night Before Christmas’ poem. Maggie Aries unwrap his own present.” Sophia, Reviewer

Christmas Eve on Olympus is Available in E-book & Audio

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Christmas Eve on Olympus is a short story enhancement to the Of War Series of power packed adult novels. Look Inside the Book or listen to the audio sample.

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