Christmas Eve On Olympus

In this e-book and audio only short story enhancement to the Of War series, Alena is still trying to make a home on Olympus. She has already brought Thanksgiving and Halloween to the Olympians but Zeus draws the line at celebrating Christmas on his mountain.

Ares, always willing to please his wife, decides his family will celebrate the holiday without his Father or any of his other backstabbing relatives. But that doesn’t mean they are not watching from a distance.

Christmas Eve on Olympus takes place after Book #1 The Heart of War and during Book #2 Child of War-A God is Born. Those who have not yet read this series will get a nice, if not typical, introduction to the series while readers of the series will enjoy this little glimpse into a single day of life on Olympus.

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After dinner that evening she brought out her freshly brewed potions in colored decanter along with the iridescent crystal balls, she sat them down by the massive hearth in the parlor and had her Husband and Son each of them pick three balls. When they made their choices she gave them each three tiny scraps of parchment telling them to write down one wish for the coming year on each. That done, she had them roll up their wishes, unread and unseen by the others, and put them into the shiny balls. Alena pointed to the decanters and told them what each potion was imbued with; Love, Luck, Prosperity, Wisdom, Dreams, and lastly Good Health. Raven and Ares picked which potions they thought went best with the wishes they scribbled and filled with each ball. Alena put them all on a silver tray and let them sit in the window under the light of the full moon to charge.

Now those wishes adored their tree. With all of the decorations hung the young Family stood back to admire their work.

“Now Daddy?” Raven asked as he bounced on Ares’ shoulders.

“Not yet, not until sundown,” Ares returned looking up at the boy, “besides, there’s something missing, isn’t there? A star for the top, isn’t that the tradition?” Turning his hand over a delicate crystal star appeared and he held it out Alena who took it gingerly in her hand while Ares put Raven down. “Your turn, you get to put it on the top.”

Alena giggled at the idea of climbing onto his back and reaching up so high but when he got down on his haunches and waited she had no choice but to oblige. Swinging one leg over one of his brawny shoulders and then following with the other she perched on his shoulders while he stood and walked closer to the tree. She hadn’t done this since she was a little girl sitting on her father’s shoulders to trim the last beautiful piece upon the tree.

“Oooo! Pretty!” Raven exclaimed as he watched her place on the highest branch and then she settled back to the snow soft as an angel descending from the heavens to touch her feet upon the Earth for the very first time. “Now?”

“No,” Ares chided feeling the weight of the collective stares of the Olympians peeking at them through their windows and doorways, “now your mother’s going to make cookies.”

Raven’s young face lit up, “Cookies! I love cookies!” He dashed back into the Fortress and raced into the old-style kitchen to wait for her at the heavy oak preparing table in the center.

Copyright 2021 Moon Mistress Publishing and Lisa Beth Darling. All Rights Reserved.

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