A Very Different Kind of Love Story

Doctor Richard Mason has just been put in charge of his physically and mentally challenged sister, Hannah Rice. A girl he knew from childhood days as nothing more than a summertime friend.

Hannah struggles to communicate with the brother she’s known about and longer for these past decades even though he doesn’t seem to enjoy having her around. He makes fun of her. He prods her. He makes her do things she doesn’t want to do like…talk. No one ever cared about what she may want to say.

Ever the optimist, in her own inimitable way, Hannah stumbles through her new surroundings building a relationship with Mason as she breathes new life into her brother’s dreary world.

Book Nook Nuts-5 Stars
“This story kept me reading without stopping. It pulls on every emotion a person has. It’s well written and a very deep soul wrenching storyline. The last few chapters I found myself crying and pleading with the characters in the book.” Tammy, Reviewer

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