Kingdoms of War

A New World Rises

In the Of War Series finale nearly four billion souls lost to the ravages of anarchy and the dreaded disease Major Falls. Ares, Athena, and Raven wander the remains of the Mortal World vainly reaching for a sliver of what was only to get an unsavory glimpse of what is to come. It appears that Zeus has received his fondest wish; a chance for Olympus to rise again as every person of pure Mortal Blood has died in the unforgiving pandemic.

From the fiery wreckage of this destruction and decay a new world is slowly arising one where the descendants of Olympians, Celts, and Dark Fae will rule.
To make matters worse, as Ares and Athena seek to destroy all manner of weapons of mass destruction, the Wolf inside the God of War slowly succumbs to Major Falls. A rabid God of War is not a pretty sight.

By the time Ares’ fevered body is brought to Olympus, Apollo’s descent into madness is utterly complete. Yet, it is the Golden God, Alena’s greatest nemesis who holds the key to saving Ares’ life.

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