Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways book #2 in Sister Christian Series,sees a turning of the tables between Hannah Rice and her brother Richard Mason.

Hannah Rice is only beginning to heal from the painful memories but she is determined to regain her independence and show her brother, Richard Mason, that she is becoming capable once more. The tables turn between brother and sister when Mason falls mysteriously ill.

While Mason is hospitalized and on the brink of death, the illness and his sudden forced detox grab hold of his fevered mind is caught deep in the clutches of a nightmare sending his down the rabbit hole.

Terrified for the life of her brother, Hannah firmly believes she has had a vision from God. She sets out on a mission to save her brother no matter who believes her or what it costs. Luckily for Hannah, Nick Jackson, has the utmost faith in her even if she does seem a little obsessed with finding the white rabbit.

Mysterious Way is Available in E-book, Paperback & Audio

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