Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways book #2 in Sister Christian Series,sees a turning of the tables between Hannah Rice and her brother Richard Mason.

Hannah Rice is only beginning to heal from the painful memories but she is determined to regain her independence and show her brother, Richard Mason, that she is becoming capable once more. The tables turn between brother and sister when Mason falls mysteriously ill.

While Mason is hospitalized and on the brink of death, the illness and his sudden forced detox grab hold of his fevered mind is caught deep in the clutches of a nightmare sending his down the rabbit hole.

Terrified for the life of her brother, Hannah firmly believes she has had a vision from God. She sets out on a mission to save her brother no matter who believes her or what it costs. Luckily for Hannah, Nick Jackson, has the utmost faith in her even if she does seem a little obsessed with finding the white rabbit.

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At the end of all that, Doctor Steward said he couldn’t find anything wrong with her other than the pulled muscle in her neck running down to her shoulder.  “Ok, one last thing Hannah, I want you to tell me about your experience, what happened? What did you see?”

Again, Hannah chose her words carefully she didn’t want to lie but she couldn’t afford to elude to her strongly held belief either.  She explained that Rick and she had a small row and she’d been very upset and disturbed by the way her little joke ended up playing itself out.  She felt horrible about it! Just terrible that she’d done such a wicked thing to her brother.  At that point, Mason groaned again and he again told her to forget about it.  Hannah said she wasn’t sure just how it all happened but she’d gotten confused, she felt funny, like her head was full helium, she fell, and then she saw the Light. “It was bright, it was…it was….like a crown,” she said with awe. “Not like rays of sunlight but, pointed…pleated…triangles of Light formed a circle and came down from the ceiling.” The Light had NOT come from the ceiling, it came through the ceiling from somewhere else, but she felt it best to leave that out. “Then….I don’t know…then…there was a dark spot in the Light and it was holding the rabbit.”

“What about the rabbit?” Steward asked conversationally.

“It was dead.” Hannah said swiftly and then realized that was true, the rabbit was dead. “It was slung in the arms of the dark spot; all I saw were the ears and the feet the rest was in the dark spot.”

“How did you know it was white?” Mason asked before Steward could do that same.

The answer was; God told me but those words couldn’t be uttered here. “I heard it in my head, saw pictures in my head, The Queen of Hearts, Alice, the Mad Hatter…Off with their heads!”

“That’s when she started singing.” Mason said.

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