The First Sin-South of Eden

What if everything you were taught about The Bible was a lie and those you were taught to fear were anything but?

Before immersing yourself in this In this creative and often humorous re-envisioning of the Christian Creation and End of Days Stories, you should drop your religious baggage at the door. 

Unexpectedly and extremely unceremoniously, Lucifer is  yanked out of Hell by his Father so he can return to his old job in the Garden of Eden. This not a reprieve. It’s a last ditch effort to save this withering Paradise, the single place that holds Heaven, Hell, and Earth together. 

In the world beyond the shimmering veil sequestering Eden from prying eyes, Cain Enoch has launched himself to the status of The World’s Richest Man and he is on the prowl. The Son of the Devil and Eve is set on finding Eden with murder and destruction on his mind.

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