I’m So Excited

For once…once! (LOL) A release is actually going to happen ON TIME and probably without any glitches. Will wonders never cease?

I checked my email this morning to find that the narrator for “The First Sin” finished the book! Oh, happy day! Bonus…he absolutely loved the story. Double bonus…it so shows in his work. The Fates really smiled on me when they nudged me toward him. I could not ask for better.

I shopped it around this time a little and was greatly surprised when I got several hits on the job. I understand, it’s a lot of work to narrate an entire full-length novel and you’re really rolling the dice when you agree to just split the royalties with the author instead of getting a few grand upfront. I get it. Trust me…I’m the author, I’m the one who does absolutely everything ‘on spec’. The first few who auditioned were ok but they didn’t strike me. I came across this guy’s profile on ACX just his name screamed at me to get in touch and see how it went.

His name?

John Walker.

Yeah. For an Ex-Old Drunk like me, especially an author like me for whom whenever anyone’s drinking anything expensive in one of my books 99.9% of the time it’s Johnny Walker Blue….that was a flashing neon sign. One that did not flash ‘danger Will Robinson’ but….’get this guy!’

So I did.

My old foggy brain keeps insisting he’s the one who was very interested but working on another project when I first approached him. I’m not in any great rush for these things, face it, this is not Life or Death, so I told him to take his time and if he was still interested after his current project to get in touch.

And he did.

We started our journey and along the way he asked me if I’d ever watched “Good Omens” and did I know who David Tennant was. John wanted to voice Lucifer like that. For a moment my heart dropped. I confess, I didn’t get past the second episode of “Good Omens” but the actor has been in several shows that I have greatly enjoyed, chief among them being “Broadchurch”. Yes, yes, I know, I hear you screaming; “Doctor Who”! I confess again, I never got into that show.

Anyway, David Tennant, in case you don’t know, is very British. All through writing “The First Sin” I fought and fought and fought to keep that British accent out of Luce’s mouth. You have no idea how many times I pulled back the phrase ‘bloody hell’ from his lips because I didn’t want him to end up being Tom Ellis who I absolutely adored in “Lucifer” BUT the book is dedicated to “Agents Plant & Page” and we’ve got ‘Chuck’ and ‘Gabriel’ and well….I didn’t wanna throw too much in there.

But Mr. Walker heard it anyway so I said ‘go for it’.

Like I said, I couldn’t ask for better.

I listened to those files and was dancing on air. He really nailed the characters and I am just so Over the Moon right now! I’ve been giddy all day. I could not wait to hit ‘approve’ over on ACX.

Pastor must have been able to tell that, a blind man could have seen it! She asked me where it would be available when I told her it would be available on Audible and iTunes, she gave me a weird look like ‘huh?’ I keep telling these people what I do outside the office and no one seems to be able to put that massive skill set of mine together never mind to good use. So strange. Anyhow, she said I could post about it to the congregation if I wanted. That was so kind of her but I had to decline with a ‘thank you but this book really isn’t for you guys’.

You know, considering it’s a church and all so they, naturally, love their Bible. A few of them might have me burnt at the stake for “The First Sin” so let’s just keep it to ourselves. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll write another (fairly) tame inspirational story, like “Genesis” which they really seemed to like but failed to understand it’s part of a series and there’s way more to the story. If that day happens, I’ll be happy to let the know, though it won’t be “Harvest Combe” (yes, I’m still working on it!) that’s another one that’ll get me tied to a stake.

To add an extra ‘at’a girl’ to the mix, on my way home, the radio treated me not once but twice to “Carry On Wayward Son”.

Yeah, by this time in my life I’ve lost count of just how many times I’ve watched “Supernatural” from the pilot episode all the way up to and including the third to last episode. 15 seasons. That doesn’t count the numerous times I watched from the pilot episode up to whatever season was currently available. Yes, I can recite most of the lines to all episodes of all 15 season (except the last two episodes which I refuse to watch ever again).

This one’s my favorite

Anyway, because I am so giddy that I feel like a kid at Christmas and I just can’t wait to share some of this with you! If you click ‘play’ below you’ll be able to listen to the whole of Chapter Three-Another Day in Paradise. If you like it, let me know, leave a comment…who knows, you may get Chapter Four free.

Listen to “The First Sin” (South of Eden) Chapter Three