Lucifer Morningstar-An Interview

The First Sin

An Interview with Lucifer Morningstar

Who is Lucifer Morningstar?

(Instantly he’s miffed) You mean you’ve never heard of me? Of course you have! I am the villain of all villains, just ask my Father, you know, God or ‘Chuck’ as he’s going by these days. I’m sure he’ll fill your head with all sorts of lies about me.

Lucifer, please, this is hardly the place for that….

Hardly? (huffs and sighs as he regains his regal composure) Fine. For those out there who don’t know my name or reputation, I was created as an Archangel to bring light into this world. I was also my Father’s favorite son until our little falling out. I tended the Garden of Eden with great care and joy but then I fell in love with Eve, I ended up giving her that apple, and my Father banished all of us, not for that though, he banished us after he tricked Cain into killing Able. I was sent to Hell to rule over the damned for eternity, Eve was cursed to walk the earth forever alone and impoverished, Abel, well, he was dead of course, Cain was marked and also sentenced to walk the earth forever impervious to all disease and bodily harm, and Seth, well, Seth died although my Father had me believing otherwise for a long while.

Why did you want to tell this story, “The First Sin” (South of Eden)?

I felt it was high time to set the record straight—which, by the way, it is far from. I’ve been vilified for eons—slandered and libeled to, well to Hell and back!—over something I never even did. I was just an easy target, a patsy, if you will, for my Father’s wrath.

So…you’re the victim here?

Yes, exactly! (He smiles wide with victory and the room lights up with its radiance) That’s what I’ve been saying.

That’s an interesting take. How did you pick Lisa to write this book?

My Cousin,–

Stop, wait. Cousin?

Yes! (He points a long slender finger at me) That. That right there! You see. You didn’t even know I had a Cousin or Family at all, other than Dear Ol’ Dad, did you?

I had no idea.

(Sitting back in the chair he folds his arms over his chest and stares at me from behind those impossibly blue eyes) Neither did anyone else and that’s why I had to find someone to tell my story. Anyway, my Cousin, Ares the God of War, he highly recommended her to me—she’s the one who wrote the “Of War” series for him, you know. I read it and I thought she did a great job turning his story around. I thought she could do the same for mine. He said she was smart, witty, and daring, as they wrote stories about the old Gods and Goddesses—my Aunts and Uncles, just to be clear—with much abandon and he felt she’d be the perfect author for me and my story, “The First Sin”.

That sounds like a perfect fit.

Oh, yes, you’d think so, wouldn’t you? But…noooo. It took her years just to get near me. I mean, I walked up to her pleasant as you please, and introduced myself like all of the other characters she’d worked with over her life. I put out my hand, I smiled, I was very cordial. Can you believe it; she ran screaming into the night!  I just stood there watching her flee from my sight thinking; This is the author my Cousin raved about? The one who was totally unafraid of Gods? I thought he’d played a prank on me. He can be good for that sometimes.

Then I realized my Cousin forgot to tell me one crucial fact about our dear Lisa; she was raised Roman Catholic.  There was a lot to get past, a lot of old cob webs to clear out. Even though she’d walked away from the church 40 years prior it still had a nasty hold on her. So, of course she was terrified of me even though it was clear she didn’t want to be. It took a long time to build up trust and for her to realize that she was not going to burn in hell for helping me out here. In the end it worked out well but it was a nightmare at first.

How did you get Lisa past all of that?

Lisa was looking for work at the time, I confess that Ares, myself, and several of our Relatives conspired to get her a job in a church. It was delicious and even she couldn’t help but savor it. We all laughed and laughed! The job did the trick and she soon came to realize that the myths that had been drilled into her head in childhood up with were just that…myths. Nothing but shadows and legends, smoke and mirrors, it was certainly nothing to be afraid of and neither was I. It was time to shine a light on it all. Once Lisa got to that point the joy returned and we soared high in many places as we traveled along our merry little path.

In the end, Ares was right about her, she was the perfect author for “The First Sin” she just needed a little convincing. That’s all.

Who is your favorite co-star in “The First Sin”?

(The snarky sarcasm flees from his voice as it turns soft and those blue orbs haze) Eve, I just love her and I have, well, almost since the Dawn of Time. I thought about her every single day that I was in Hell. She’s what got me through it all, the memory of her, our family, and our wonderful time together in Eden. Then, it really was Paradise on Earth, just the four of us wandering around The Garden under the bright sun, everything around us growing and flourishing. (The smile on his handsome turns sad) When we were so unceremoniously reunited I discovered that she’d had a very hard life thanks to my Father. He can be so damn cruel to gentlest of souls so vengeful to those he believes have wronged him.

Least favorite? It’s just us here we won’t tell anyone.

Ugh, my Cousin, Ares. When I was having all that trouble getting Lisa to just come near me, he volunteered to help out. He said he would be a supporting character in the story just to help Lisa find her feet and not be afraid of me. He ended up taking over a good chunk of the story. He was always in my way when it came to Eve, he wouldn’t give her up.

What was the most surprising scene for you?

The scene where Eve confesses to me that she doesn’t know what love is and that’s why she can’t choose between me and Ares. I felt horribly for her in that moment, I still do. My Father screwed up her head so badly that she doesn’t know love. I can’t think of a worse punishment for a woman whose heart is just bursting with it. Yet, it made me realize I had been wrong in trying to make her choose between us. After all, I’d been gone for eternity and Ares had been with her, by her side and in her bed, for fifty years. Of course she didn’t want to leave him, he was good to her even though he’s a bit of a brute. I understood what my Cousin had been trying to tell me all along; Eve’s feelings weren’t really about love but about fear of abandonment. Neither of us will do that so we have to find a way to live with each other, do what’s best for her and not for ourselves. We have to share her if we’re to have her at all.

At least for now.

What’s next for you?

Well, I’m finally free of Hell and Eden. I can go wherever I want now, do whatever I want, and really get to see this world my Father and his Siblings created.—I want to see and do everything! Especially the nasty stuff I’ve been accused of doing while I was utterly trapped in Hell with no chance of escape these last few millennia.  Soon, I’ll be back in Eden for the birth of our daughter—mine, Eve’s, and Ares’.

The First Sin (South of Eden)

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