Chemical Attraction

Chemical Attraction by Karen Schober

I’m so happy to have with me today my long time friend and fellow indie author, Karen Schober!!! Before we get to the standard info let’s have a chat with a Karen and get to know her a bit.

Tell Us About You

What inspired you to write “Chemical Attraction”?

To be honest, I was thinking about the “what if” about a guy I had a crush on in high school. I never told him how I felt because I couldn’t figure out if he liked me or not. From there, I let Maggie and Will take over once their personalities came out to play.

What inspires you to keep writing?

I love telling myself stories and that’s where most of my story ideas come from. When the characters are a bit more solid, it lets the story evolve and sometimes it goes in directions you never thought it would. I went through a long, dry period of not writing, but with the launch of Chemical Attraction, I feel like I’m a reborn author.

What is your writing process? Any rituals or must-haves (must not haves?) when you write?

I can’t say that I have any specific rituals, but I do have to write the book from beginning to end. There’s no writing it scene by scene for me. When I first started writing, I needed to carve time out to write when my kids were in bed. Now that they are older, I have more time to do that, but tend to still write at night.

 Are you a “pantser” or a plotter?  Why? Which works best for you?

I’m a bit of both. I like to have a plan, main points I like to hit, but that is not set in stone. If a better idea comes up along the way, it can all go out the window. Once the book is written, and a few rounds of edits, I like to write down the main plot points for both overall flow and if it is part of a series, for continuity within the world.

Being an Indie Author is tough, are there any things you’ve learned along the way that surprised you: Perhaps about writing, publishing, or yourself?

Where do I begin? Having been a part of the Indie world for over a decade and working for a self-publishing company, I have seen a lot! I love how every day being an Indie Author went from scam to a viable way to publish books.

What’s on the horizon?

I have several writing projects in the wings. Mostly re-writing my debut novel, Fire and Ice, and making it into a series, but I also working on launching a podcast, The Author’s Lighthouse, focusing on educating new authors and writers and a consulting service to provide one-on- one guidance. I’m also finishing up my MBA in marketing because authors are always looking for new ways to market their books and the business of publishing.

Tell Us About “Chemical Attraction”

Margaret Carter is no stranger to grief. After having been widowed, she has spent the last two years trying to piece her life back together, along with her heart. But things haven’t been easy. Each day is a challenge for her, especially as she deals with her loneliness. Yet she perseveres, having returned to her job as a chemistry teacher at her old high school. But in those halls are many preserved memories, and one memory is about to become much more prominent…

When lawyer William Harris returns to his hometown after years away, there are several things he doesn’t expect to happen. Like coincidentally buying the house next door to his high school best friend. Even after all these years apart, he still holds burning feelings for her. Feelings that just might be returned…

Together, Will and Maggie must navigate through the old memories while getting to know the person the other has become. Will the years apart affect the feelings they once shared for each other? Or will this be a case of being in the right place at the right time?

When did you start writing “Chemical Attraction”?

I hate to admit that I wrote the original drafts in 2004, but it sat in a folder on my computer for over a decade. My brother needed a book to use for a murder mystery subscription box he was testing out and needed a book he could use for a cypher. After going through many rounds of editing and re-writing the ending, Chemical Attraction was born and hit Amazon in ebook form on April of this year.

 Where did you get the idea from?

I was looking to do a sweet romance and the idea of how two adults could feel like they were in high school all over again and how the fear of taking that leap for love continued to get in the way. I love the idea that Will moved in next door to her without knowing and how they both attracted to each other before they knew who their neighbor was.

Were there any parts of “Chemical Attraction” where you struggled or where it just flowed like a waterfall?

Keeping the story going and keeping Maggie and Will afraid to take the risk of moving their friendship to lovers for as long as it took. They both needed to grow a bit before they were ready.

What type of person do you believe will get the most out of your story? Why?

Someone who likes a nice, sweet story for sure. The romance genre is wonderful that it always ends with the “happily ever after” and that is exactly what Maggie and Will get in the end.

Thank you so much for being here today, Karen! I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

Chemical Attraction

This sweet and diverting contemporary romance paints a breathtaking picture of loss and love, grief and gratitude. With dynamic characters, a fast-paced story line, and the nostalgia of young hometown love, this novel is a lovingly written masterpiece that audiences will want to return to time and time again.

Available on Kindle for just $2.99 it’s a must-add to any romance lovers collection.

About Karen Schober

Karen Schober is a renowned romance and fiction writer who crafts interesting stories about life. With over a decade of experience in self-publishing, she has reached many readers who enjoy her epic stories of love, hatred, revenge, and forgiveness. Her books including Fire and Ice, Second Chance: A New Star, and several short stories under her pen name Karen Maneely have made her a multi-award-winning author.

Karen is the founder of Fireball Studio, a company that offers author consultations through the entire writing and publishing process. She helps authors identify their goals, finish their stories, polish their work, and navigate the publishing process. It sparks her inner drive to help when she sees upcoming authors struggle with the publishing world.

As a scholar, Karen has a B.A. in Psychology and currently pursuing an MBA, intending to use the knowledge to upgrade book marketing with innovative strategies that will help authors sell. Karen is a smart, creative, and friendly author who loves telling stories and building her network. She has been writing all her life and growing her skills every day to surpass her readers’ expectations.

When she is not writing, Karen loves cooking and traveling. She is an avid explorer who is always in for any adventure.

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