2022 Indie Author Boook-Tacular

I am hoping to get 31 Indie Authors to sign up for this event where they will featured, one each day, throughout the month of October. This event is open to ALL Indie Authors no matter their genre or how many books they have published. The only qualification is that you MUST BE AN INDIE AUTHOR who is out here doing it for yourself. Those published via a ‘hybrid’ or through boutique presses with fewer than 25 titles may also sign up for the event, however independent authors will be given preference.

Here’s How It Works

Use this form to contact me with all your pertinent information.

Send me your book cover, author pic, and promo kit.

I will get back to you with your date for the event and any other needed information.

At that time, you will be listed on the Featured Authors List with a short description of your book, your website (or main social media link) and a link to purchase your book. You will be listed there until the end of 2022.

You will return all needed information (author interview, character interview, etc.) to me no later than September 20, 2022. Please don’t make me remind you.

On your assigned day for the event, I will post everything you’ve sent me and toss the information out to The Cosmos. You will let your readers know that you are featured here so they can come check you out in all your Indie Glory.

Giveaways and other promos are greatly encouraged but not necessary for participation. If you choose to run a giveaway you are responsible for getting the prize to the winner. I will run a rafflecopter and pick a winner for you at the end of the month. ALL winners will be chosen on October 31, 2022.

Sound like fun? Good. Well, get in touch with me and let your friends know! The more indie authors who participate the bigger and better the event will be.