This n That

I’m back.

For those of you who noticed I was gone, anyway. Those of you who noticed I deleted my blog, Twitter, Instagram and for a short time Facebook “fan” page. That page has been restored. What can I say? I like FB and I hate the other two. I never liked using them and I’m glad they’re gone. I also got rid of my stat counter. All I have now is the crap wordpress provides and it’s just that…crap…no sense in ever even looking at it. Which is very nice and decompressing. If nothing else, I now have three less things to have to check on in the name of ‘marketing’.

That bitch is a real drag. I hate her.

The older I get the more I want things to be simple and fun. In order for that to happen, I had to give up on the idea writing for an audience and just go back to writing for the simple joy of it. Once I managed that, the rest of the stuff I may or may not do to let people know my stuff is out there, becomes simple, easy, and fun, no matter how complex it might be. Like…

Creating a new podcast. Two actually. I had to delete the first one, the one some of you may have known and visited. Anchor pulled every single blog post over to its site so I could turn them ALL into podcasts. Very nice of them, I guess. HOWEVER, the brainiac programmer didn’t leave any way to ‘jump to the end’ of ALL those posts which is where…drum roll please…..the current podcasts are accessible for editing. I had to cruise through hundreds of post never intended for a podcast to get to those new files and, well, I never made it. Not once. Couldn’t do it. Took too long. So I deleted that one and moved here.

FREE listens are located there (“The Heart of War”, “Christmas Eve on Olympus”, and “On a Hot Summer Night”) and, I imagine, now and then, a post like this will show up there as well. The more comfortable I get with the mic the more I may start recording these things instead of wasting what little joints I have left on my fingers typing them. The answers to the questions that popped into your head when you saw the graphic is ‘yes’. I know that title is familiar and I am that old.

Well, no, not quite but close.

Ok, now, I know I promised everyone out there 3 more books in the Of War Series.

You know I had a little melt down shortly after that. No drinking involved, thank you very much, just a period of incommunicado. It was good to get off social media for a while and realign myself. In so doing, another story began not rolling around in my head but writing itself. I felt bad at first but I really like working with new characters. Not that there’s anything wrong with the old ones. In allowing this book to take its own course and do its own thing I realized I’d been trying to tell this story for years. Just like I’d been trying to tell “The First Sin” for years. This story, like that one, went through several incarnations before it just petered out.

We’re going to finish

before going on to those stories in the Of War series.

I think it’s only fair and I think it’s part of what was holding me back and making things so muddled that I couldn’t cut through any of the haze in any coherent manner. This story has waited a long time and now it’s time has come. Later we’ll tell the tales of the other Gods.

Geez, man, one day I really have to write a story that doesn’t contain a lick of religion! I can’t seem to get off it.

Anyway, if you’re interested, I put the first three unedited chapters of Harvest Combe on WattPad. Chapter two is still wonky and needs a solid edit, you’ve been warned. You can check out more of the story with what I hope is going to be an enhanced/interactive part of the e-book in the form of a mysterious blog entitled Jake of the Combe.

Should you be kind enough to do one, or dare I say both, of those things, I hope you will reach out to me with your thoughts and comments. While I am truly doing all of this for myself because it makes me happy to write, to create, and because learning new things help me stay vital, I do still hope someone out there might enjoy my little offerings. Let’s face it, the world is a strange and often cold place, it doesn’t hand out nearly enough ‘good jobs’ to people and those things, small as they are, go an awfully long way.

Enough of the Self-Pity Party.

I’m off to find something to binge and let what we wrote today settle a bit. The story is no where near complete in my head, we are just free writing as we go with a slightly wonky compass as the guide. I know, I know, The Big Guy knows where we’re going so I’ll just follow him. One thing’s for sure, even I’m going to be surprised when we find out Whodunit.