Do You Mind if I Bitch for a Moment?

It doesn’t matter, you’re not listening anyway.

I ran a promo, my first FREE Kindle promo in quite a while. The books come out of Unlimited on September 13th so I thought; what the hell? I put “Heart of War”, “Child of War-A God is Born”, “Genesis”, “Prodigal Son”, and “The First Sin” up for free for a week.

I let my mailing list know.

I put it on my website.

I made one post about it on my Instagram.

I made 2 posts about it on my FB…the first one with a link and the second one without just to see which one got more ‘engagements’. The one without the link won 54 to 45. It’s not much, I know, but I always thought FB was doing something funky whenever I added a link to a post.

I think I made one post in about 5 or 6 book groups on FB.

That was it. I walked away.

No one said a word to me that entire time. No one ever does. Most of the time I’m firmly convinced I am out here talking to the Cosmos at best and absolutely no one at worst.

I went to see how we did.

Heart of War= 73 FREE downloads
Child of War= 44 FREE downloads
Genesis= 32 FREE downloads
Sins of the Father = 29 FREE downloads
The First Sin= 33 FREE downloads

First and foremost, part of me is just tickled to death to see that The Big Guy is still the heavy hitter!!! Yeah, baby! Does my heart and soul good, it does, it does.

10 Second Happy Dance Time!!

We GAVE AWAY 211 e-books over 5 days.

We actually managed to SELL 7…woot. I guess. As much ‘woot’ as one can muster for what will end up being like $2.50 BEFORE taxes.

I don’t honestly know where any of these people came from, I’m happy for their apparent enthusiasm of course. I wonder where they’ve been and why they couldn’t pay a lousy $0.99 for those 211 eBooks the entire time they’ve been available in Kindle Unlimited.

That sounds bitchy.

Because it is.

Those 211 eBooks would have been grand $73.85 in my pocket BEFORE taxes. Yes, that’s what you get for selling your eBook at $0.99…35%.

Most people seem to, very erroneously, believe that if your book is on Kindle, especially for $0.99…my gods who but them could pass up that deal?…you must be rich! You must be raking it in hand over fist every month.

That’s bullshit.

The cherry on top is this one simple fact… I never hear from anyone. Like I said at the start, for all I know, on my end, I am out here completely alone talking to the Cosmos.

I’m old. I remember the days when sending a Fan Letter was HUGE DEAL. I mean, you had to write it…by hand…think it out carefully, put in an envelope…that you properly addressed to whatever PO Box you were given…buy a stamp, put it in a mail mailbox, then hold your breath for WEEKS hoping beyond hope that your Star Crush would answer. If you were lucky yo got back an autographed picture and a form letter.

Today you can just send them a DM on a multitude of platforms AND they may well answer you right there.

Not that I’m a “star” or any crap like that, but I mean, c’mon people, if you do like my stuff…and it appears some of you do…is so much to ask that you drop an email or say something on my FB page? You know, just so I don’t feel all alone out here.

Oh well, look on the bright side, right? Choose Joy.

I really do hope they enjoy the books. To those who downloaded the first two books in the Of War series….I hope you find The Big Guy as completely unforgettable as I do.

I hope those who downloaded the first two books in the Sister Christian series find Hannah and Mason to be most memorable as well. They are two of my favorites.

To those who downloaded The First Sin…read with a sense of humor and an open mind. I think you’ll find it most interesting and quite funny in some places if you.

To those 7 downloads and the person or persons who plunked down $0.99 per book to purchase the remainder of a series….thank you!!! You are wonderful! I hope you will enjoy those series.

2 thoughts on “Do You Mind if I Bitch for a Moment?”

  1. Hello,

    Reading this made me a bit sad to be honest 🙂 I read a lot of your books over the years and I come back to them at least once a year.

    I do admit I never reached out to you, never send a dm. Not to be ungrateful, mind you. It’s just…you don’t want to bother people, I guess? I remember when I first got Instagram and carefully send one or two “stars” a hello or a “I’m a big fan!”. You never get a reply 🙂

    So if it helps, I really really liked your War series and the obsession one too! Matter of fact, I leave on vacation in a few days and I got the Obsession one up front in my kindle again. So thank you for many fun hours, in the past and in the future!

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Kelly,,
      I hope someone told you today how wonderful you are! Thanks for reading my stories ❤. Double thanks for reaching out me…you really made my day!!! Have a great vacation.


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