Magick is Afoot

Oooo…lucky you, look at that, you got that second post from me after all.

I am very disenchanted with several things at my job…you may recall I am a Pagan who works in a Church. While I would love to tell you all about it blatantly I think, perhaps, I will take the advice of the candle in my bedroom and Choose Joy.

My birthday is tomorrow. I’ll be 56.

To that end, this past Saturday we took our oldest daughter and our granddaughter to Flanders Donuts where the World’s Best Donuts are made but in dreadfully limited supply. We got two dozen.

We then went, just about right next door to a building I swear was my dentist’s office when I was quite young. It has been Mystical Horizons for several years (decades?) now. I used to frequent their shop in Mystic and was saddened to hear that it closed a while back. Though I’d been by this one I had never been in this shop until Saturday.

I thought that was perfect! I would enter the shop for the very first time and so would my granddaughter. New Beginnings.

The shop is small, I won’t lie, but it was packed! More people just kept coming in. ALL women and most with small children–most were girls–some were moms with their daughters and others, like me, where grandmothers with their granddaughters. It was wonderful! The energy was striking as the kids stared wide-eyed into the cases pointing at glittering crystals, stones, statues, and all sorts of Paganware openly excited as they asked; what’s that?

My granddaughter was no different.

She wanted to see everything. She was amazed at the statues of Buddha, Ganesh, Kali, and several other Gods/Goddesses along with a particularly large and colorful Foo Dog near the register. Her beautiful brown eyes were as wide as the Universe that was unfolding for her as she took it all in and my heart soared to heights it has not seen for a long time.

She was enthralled by the open bowls of rocks and crystals as she happily grabbed them up so grandma could buy them for her. The magnetized hematite balls fascinated her so she got a pair. I also bought her very first mojo bag, it’s a ladybug zip purse with her treasures inside.

She wanted to see the incense and the candles and; ‘what is that, grammy, what’s that do?’ at every blissful turn just like the other kids happily milling about.

Not once…not one single time…the whole while we were there did the shopkeeper admonish the excited children. She did not once tell them not to touch or get away or calm down or be quiet or anything. It was very clear she was gratefully enjoying the little raucous in her shop. In fact, she just kept welcoming them inside with sparkling eyes. Inviting them to explore all the Mystical Magickal Wonders of this vast universe as she helped give some of them, like my granddaughter, their very first taste of that sweet freedom to explore all that is out there, to ask, to wonder, to grow, to learn and ultimately to become who they are meant to be and not someone else’s idea of what they should be.

It was quite the wonderful day. It has recharged me and given me back some of what I’ve had to surrender, stifle, and honestly just outright choke down, working in a Church. It broke those bonds and reminded me of who I am. I sorely needed that. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I was relating a small bit of this experience to someone today and they asked if Mystical Horizons was having some kind of Halloween thing and that’s why it was so busy with kids.

I had to stop myself from saying something like; the world is a lot bigger than this tiny place with its one little box and book. We really are the granddaughters of the witches your kind couldn’t burn, drown, press to death, hang, draw and quarter, mutilate, humiliate, or torture into submission and we are powerful, we are numerous, we are strong.

Instead I said something like; No, it was just a Saturday at Mystical Horizons.


The next time my granddaughter and I go out, I’m hoping to take her to Pandora’s Box. That’s another Paganware shop I’ve never been in…mostly because it looks like the parking sucks…but have always wanted to visit. We shall go for the first time together and I will bask in the joy of watching her light up as she begins her journey to herself.